Itemdata.txt - формат и описание параметров

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  1. Code:
    item_begin weapon 1 [small_sword] item_type=weapon slot_bit_type={rhand} armor_type=none etcitem_type=none recipe_id=0 blessed=0 weight=1600 default_action=action_equip consume_type=consume_type_normal initial_count=1 maximum_count=1 soulshot_count=1 spiritshot_count=1 reduced_soulshot={} reduced_spiritshot={} reduced_mp_consume={} immediate_effect=1 price=0 default_price=768 item_skill=[none] critical_attack_skill=[none] attack_skill=[none] magic_skill=[none] item_skill_enchanted_four=[none] material_type=steel crystal_type=none crystal_count=0 is_trade=1 is_drop=1 is_destruct=1 physical_damage=8 random_damage=10 weapon_type=sword can_penetrate=0 critical=8 hit_modify=0 avoid_modify=0 dual_fhit_rate=0 shield_defense=0 shield_defense_rate=0 attack_range=40 damage_range={0;0;40;120} attack_speed=379 reuse_delay=0 mp_consume=0 magical_damage=6 durability=1 damaged=50 physical_defense=0 magical_defense=0 mp_bonus=0 category={} enchanted=0 html=[item_default.htm] equip_pet={0} magic_weapon=0 enchant_enable=0 can_equip_sex=-1 can_equip_race={} can_equip_change_class=-1 can_equip_class={} can_equip_agit=-1 can_equip_castle=-1 can_equip_castle_num={} can_equip_clan_leader=-1 can_equip_clan_level=-1 can_equip_hero=-1 can_equip_nobless=-1 can_equip_chaotic=-1 mana=0 item_end
    Описание параметров:

    item_begin - Обязательный начинающий тэг
    weapon - The announcement goods type, altogether has the weapon/armor/asset/etcitem/questitem these kinds (тип айтема. Возможные типы: etcitem, armor, weapon, accessary, questitem, shadowitem)
    1 - The deciding item number, the item number for the only number, cannot duplicate by chance with other goods (уникальный ID вещи)
    [small_sword]?--The hypothesis goods name, may from subscribe, but the writing may not and other goods names is redundant
    item_type=weapon - The definition goods type is weapon/armor/asset/etcitem/questitem, must be same with the front announcement
    slot_bit_type={rhand} - The goods equipment type, altogether has back (behind - cloak) /chest (body) /feet (foot) /gloves (glove) /head () /legs (leg) /lhand (left to grasp) /lrhand (double to grasp) /rhand (right to grasp) /neck (item ?) /underwear (underwear) /rfinger; Lfinger (double refers to) /rear; Lear (double ear) /onepiece (whole body) /none (non- Wu Fangchu)
    armor_type=none - Guards against has the type, has heavy (heavy armor)/light (light armor) /magicc (law gown) /none (must to guard against has)
    etcitem_type=none - Other goods types, have arrow (arrow) /castle_guard (to defend a city mercenary soldier) /material (raw material) /pet_collar (pet ??, flute) /potion (liquid medicines) /recipe (make reel) /scroll (reel) /none (non- other types)
    blessed=0 - Prayed for heavenly blessing (the present use)
    weight=1600 - Cargo weight
    default_action=action_equip - Including selects time two goods to suppose the movement in advance, action_equip (equipment) /action_map_open (opens map) /action_skill_maintain (skill manufacture) /action_skill_reduce (skill effect) /action_soulshot (soul ball) /action_spiritshot (black magic soul ball) /action_none (not to have movement)
    consume_type=consume_type_normal - Depositing type consume_type_asset (property - only has gold coin) /consume_type_normal (general, cannot pile folds) /consume_type_stackable (to be ordinary, may pile folds)
    initial_count=1 - Initial computation? ? ? Unclear, all all is 1, has the arrow the value is only 20
    maximum_count=1 - Biggest computation? ? ? Unclear, some 1/20 /,200 three kinds, but looked like 20 are the duty goods, more than 200 for copper cash duty goods
    soulshot_count=0 - The soul ball use quantity, 0 represents cannot use
    spiritshot_count=0 - The black magic soul but the use quantity, 0 represents cannot use
    immediate_effect=1 - Becomes effective immediately, 0 otherwise/1 are, the hypothesis is 0 is the reel, the pet ??, needs Shi Fa, the period of revolution.
    price=0 - The price, completely all is 0, has [ adena ] the gold coin is only 1
    default_price=768 - Not tax selling price
    item_skill=[none] - The goods use skill effect, for example the liquid medicines, this effect must correspond with skilldata.txt, none is the non- skill effect
    critical_attack_skill=[none] - When uses this weapon attack, the storm strikes when attaches the skill effect, for example is cursed suddenly the bayonet, similar ? soul stone effect
    material_type=steel - This goods material quality, for example the wooden arrow is wood
    crystal_type=none - Crystallization type
    crystal_count=0 - Crystallization quantity
    is_trade=1 - Whether or not the transaction 0 otherwise/1 may
    is_drop=1 - Whether or not discards 0 otherwise/1 to be possible
    is_destruct=1 - May destroy 0 otherwise/1 to be possible (at present to be many for cannot destroy)
    physical_damage=8 - Physical striking power
    random_damage=10 - The stochastic striking power 0, 1, 5, 10, 204 kinds, the blunt instrument are many is 20, the sword, the model calligraphy, the stick, the spear is 10, the bow, the dagger, ?? are 5, ?? promises XX commemorates the qin is 1
    weapon_type=sword - Weapon type, sword, blunt instrument, law stick, model calligraphy, ??, none (non- weapon).. And so on
    can_penetrate=0 - may penetrate, has a pair of knife, the long handle spear halberd hypothesis is only 1, other all are 0
    critical=8 - The fatal probability revises, ?? promises XXX commemorates the qin is 1, ??, the blunt instrument is 4, the sword, the long handle spear halberd, the double knife are 8, the bow, the dagger are 12
    hit_modify=0 - The hit revises, the dagger, the long handle spear halberd, the bow are -3.75, the blunt instrument, ?? is -4.75, ?? promises XX commemorates the qin is -25, the novice weapon, other types are 0
    avoid_modify=0 - Avoids the revision, the shield -8, other are 0
    dual_fhit_rate=0 - Two strike weapon hit revises, ?? is 50, the double knife probability has 31/34/36/39/40~42/44/45/47/48/50/70
    shield_defense=0 - Shield standard files defensive power
    shield_defense_rate=0 - The shield standard files probability, the shield ?? is 20, other are 0
    attack_range=40 - May carry on the attack distance, general weapon 40, spear halberd 80, bow 500
    effective_range=48 - Actually may attack the distance, the general weapon 48, the spear halberd 96, the bow 600, take the bow as an example, marches forward to 500 may start with the object distance to attack, if attacks time the goal escapes, escapes is away from has not surpassed 600 o'clock, still is the attack to be effective.
    damage_range={0;0;40;120} - Is the damage scope, how unclear actually should define
    attack_speed=379 - Attack speed, long bow 227, pet weapon 277, short bow 293, spear halberd, double knife, ??, double technique stick 325, common single walking stick, sword, blunt instrument, model calligraphy 379, dagger 433
    reuse_delay=0 - The attack must reply the time, the long bow 1,500, the short bow 1,100, the trident, the police guard spear, the minority NPC special-purpose weapon are 2
    Use for skill cast reuse. Example "CP Potion" skill have 0 reuse, but item have reuse_delay=1000 for reuse only each 1 seconds
    mp_consume=0 - When attack needs MP
    magical_damage=6 - Black magic striking power
    durability=95 - Durableness.. At present should useless
    damaged=0 - Whether has damaged.. At present should useless
    physical_defense=0 - Physical defensive power
    magical_defense=0 - Black magic defensive power
    mp_bonus=0 - When equipment increases the MP value (law gown to add MP the effect)
    category={} - At present useless
    enchanted=0 - Whether strengthened, at present all is 0
    html=[item_default.htm] - This goods link to what htm files (manufacture reel use), default_action must be action_skill_maintain
    equip_pet={0} - May equip again on what all sorts of kind of pets body
    equip_pet={@ALL_PET}?equip_pet={@hatchling_of_wind;@hatchling_of_star;@hatchling_of_twilight}?equip_pet={@pet_wolf_a}?equip_pet={0} (Cannot equip)
    magic_weapon=0 - Whether is the black magic weapon 0 otherwise/1 is
    Cronicles 4 Update:
    Описание: список рас, которые смогут одеть (equip) этот item. Список рас взят из manual_pch.txt
    item_end - обязательный завершающий тэг

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